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Sales Team

The Alessi Design Group has a sales team with industry experience of over 35 years. Our representatives offer expert recommendations on systems and products to use from all over the world. With on site customer service our team are punctual and stock a full range of products for your perusal.


The Alessi Design Group began its operation with expert and professional installation in mind. Our installers have a minimum 15 years experience each and have installed some of the most diverse and complicated systems to date. Our company’s efficiency and attention to detail carries through to our professional installation team.

Project Management

Alessi Design Group’s Project Management team are specialists in the discipline of planning, organising, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. Known for our ability to deliver high quality projects on time with ease, we also have a strong commitment to health and safety. Regardless of a project’s size or complexity, we harness all solutions and tailor them to meet our clients needs.

Scheduling Department

The Alessi Design Group has a scheduling department that makes for an effective workplace that caters for the needs of the clients and employees to complete what is necessary for each task. With a total knowledge of the commercial, architectural and residential markets, our professional scheduling enables for jobs to be started and completed on time with little fuss.